• Cameron Fleury

A Quick and Easy Way To Tom Tuning

It's tough to get your toms to sound right. There are a lot of devices out there to help with it, but the best tool available to you as a drummer are your ears. This quick video includes tips and tricks that will teach you efficient techniques for tuning your toms.

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The issue with a bad sounding tom usually lies within the choice of heads and the appropriate tension applied to it.

Often times you already have the right drum heads, but you just can’t dial in the proper tuning on your toms. They’re either too tight and ring out for days, or they’re too loose and you can’t do a proper fill on them because the drumstick has no rebound. There are so many videos out there dissecting the science and techniques to tuning, but those videos are long and beat around the bush. I’ll walk you through a quick and efficient way to achieve great sounding toms in a matter of 5 minutes. These techniques are perfect if you’re in a hurry, or if you’re on tour and you’re in a loud environment that prohibits you from hearing the pitch of your drum. Look no further, because this is quick, accurate and straight to the point…

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