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Drum Recording

Providing you with up to 16 professional sounding drum tracks at an affordable rate. 


Competitive and hard hitting drum mixes ready for commercial use. Cameron is known for his big sounding drum mixes that will truly stand out in todays market.

Drum Writing

Lacking the human element in your programmed drums? Specializing in writing extremely memorable and catchy drum hooks. Whether you need groove, blast beats or a solid beat, Cameron can write tailored drum parts to suit your music!



Why Hire Me?

Drum recording is the first and one of the most important recorded sounds that will make or break your music.

  • Everyone is using the same programmed drum sounds, but it lacks feel and human subtleties.

  • It is important for your music to stand out, and you don't want it sounding sterile. 

Do you want to sound like everyone else? Or, do you want your own sound?


If you need a real drummer on your recordings, then hit the button below and let's see if we're a good fit.




Working with Cameron was a pleasure. Extremely talented drummer, super kind and easy to work with guy. Would work with him 1000 more times

Glenn Fricker

I've had the pleasure of working with Cameron numerous times over the last several years. He's prompt, reliable, and always plays like a champ!

Sick Drummer Magazine

Cam is dedication in every aspect of his craft from rudiments to video production quality. A true ambassador of the drumming community.

Jason Stallworth Promo Picture

Jason Stallworth

Cameron recorded the drums for my album Masterpeace, a melodic death-thrash metal album, and his work is flawless! His drums took my album to the next level and i'm constantly getting compliments from fans for the drum work on this album.

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