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"Cameron Fleury is a humble artist with high tier performance and professionalism attached to his craft. As a fan of SMG , It's always a pleasure seeing Cameron feature drums in Glen's videos. Camerons performance dexterity is very strong and I could imagine that's why he has a regular feature with SMG. His personal content is energetic as well holds tasteful comedic value. Definitely an artist to check out!. Either it be for session work, collaborations or for solid entertainment."
"Cam, you have always been a drummer's drummer, encouraging others and sharing tips for over 10 years at least that I have known of you. proud of your hard work and I always enjoy the humor you put forward."
"What can I say about Cam. He is one crazy talented drummer, you can see the years he's put into his craft, very humble, and supportive of musicians alike. His work has definitely paid off for him. I've been following him since his days in the band TERRORHORSE, and only watched him grow."
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London, Ontario, Canada

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